Towers of Hanoi


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V1.5 Feb 2017

Updates to make more mobile-friendly

V1.4 Mar 2014

Add texture to 2D and 3D animations.

V1.3 Feb 2014

Add 3D option for Play tab.

V1.2 Feb 2014

Add 3D option. Make larger for ease of use on mobile devices.

V1.1 Dec 2013

Add response to opprobrium.

V1.0 Oct 2013

  1. Add proposed proof and discussion of solution-generating strategies.
  2. Add new pages to illustrate strategies

V0.3.5 Sep 2013

Add WebMonk Image for Facebook appeal.

V0.3.4 Sep 2013

Add cancellation to animate and play pages, following impatient user feedback.

V0.3.3 Sep 2013

Minor text changes

V0.3.2 Sep 2013

Replace home page redirect with a home page. Change UI following user feedback.

V0.3.1 Aug 2013

Add note about Android issue.

V0.3 Aug 2013

  1. Added page with ability for visitor to solve problem. Use browser storage for best time where available.
  2. Improved Theory page and added reward offer.


Added Hit tracking and suppressed 'enter' in text boxes causing postback.


Initial deployment.


This animation uses the <canvas> element and may not run in older versions of Internet Explorer.

This animation uses WebGL for 3D animation, which is not supported by all browsers (especially mobile devices). Even where it is supported it may not be particularly smooth.


Add Hanoi Graph animation

Add a 'yin-yang' (state-based) colouring option to the animations.