Towers of Hanoi

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Our site is maintained by a dedicated team of WebMonks whose mission is the exploration of the Tower(s) of Hanoi problem for more than three pegs. If you aren't familiar with the Towers of Hanoi problem, you might like to visit Wikipedia - Tower of Hanoi to get a basic introduction. We are a silent order, so no MP3, WAV files etc. are allowed on our site.

It lets you:

  • View (and contemplate) randomly generated optimal solutions - click on the 'Animate' tab
  • Solve a problem yourself (and beat your best time) - click on the 'Play' tab
  • Read background information, a proposed proof of the minimal number of moves and an algorithm to generate all solutions - click on the 'Tech' tab
  • View a history of updates, plans and provide feedback

We hope you will appreciate the subtlety of the problem which has generated acedemic papers for over 60 years!